February 2014 Chapter Meeting: Announcement Slide Deck, Presentation, Performance Management White Paper, Performance Management Article

November 2013 Chapter Meeting: The Second Mission, Our Vets Serving You: Presentation and Additional Resources

June 2013 Chapter Meeting: How To Get Creative Within Healthcare’s Changing Landscape: Presentation

May 2013 Chapter Meeting: How Smart HR Professionals Optimize Talent: Webcast 

January 2013 Chapter Meeting: Countering Workplace Violence with Paul Leodler: Presentation

September 2012 Chapter Meeting:  Wellness Playbook (e-Book) by Nicole Nazzaro - eBook

May 2012 Chapter Meeting: Driving Business Success With Employee Engagement with Laura Hamill, Ph.D. & Lindsay Bousman, Ph.D. Presentation & Handout

March 2012 Chapter Meeting: Adeventures in Creating a Collaborative Workplace with Carol Bowser: Presentation & Handout

February 2012 Chapter Meeting: Five Trends Shaping the Future of the Workplace with Dr. Bob Nelson: Presentation & Handout

Kevin Oakes: Diversity Conference 2011 Speaker. See post slides: Here 

Carmen Hudson: Diversity Conference 2011 Speaker: See post slides: Here

Eric Peterson: Diversity Conference 2011 Speaker. See post slides: Here